Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ferrum looks for second win of the season against Southern Virginia University

In just looking over some of the statistics from the first four games that Southern Virginia has played, a few things jump out at you. SVU is 0-4. Opponents are averaging 268 yards per game rushing. Opponents are averaging 48.75 points per game, and the Knights have fumbled 14 times in those 4 games. Lastly, they have punted 25 times in four games.

SVU relies heavily on its passing game. They have attempted 153 passes, and completed 67 of them. In their last game the Knights had 205 passing yards. They are averaging over 173 passing yards per game. They are being intercepted an average of 3 times per game.

Numbers suggest this will be a win for Ferrum, but the score at the half of the Bridgewater game reminded everyone that numbers can be deceiving. One thing to point out is their opponents have been high caliber. Their first game was against DII school Concord University, Next the Knights played Morehead State (KY) An FCS school (formerly Division 1AA), Lincoln University a DII school, and Brevard College, a DII school. This will be their first game against a DIII school this year, and they will be pumped to get a win on the board at home.

This will be the third meeting between the two schools, and Ferrum needs to play a strong consistent game to win. The last time Ferrum traveled to Buena Vista, the Panthers had to score with 0:42 left on the clock to win 22-16. Last year Ferrum dominated the game at home, but only after a scorless first quarter.

Keys to a Ferrum win:

Pressure the quarterback, and cover the receivers tight. Disable their passing game.
Get three interceptions
Minimize penalties
Utilize running game as usual. Their weakness will be against the run.
Special teams...keep up the good work
Play the entire game with letting up.

At the end of the day, Ferrum should finish their non conference play with a record of 2-1. This game will serve a the final tune up before conference competition begins. All of the focus needs to be on a win against the Knights....nothing else matters.

My Prediction:

Ferrum 40
SVU 14

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