Saturday, October 10, 2009

Panthers roll early, and stave off furious Monarch rally for 49-35 Win

In a game that saw over 500 yards of offense for Ferrum, with 404 yards coming via the rushing attack, Ferrum notched its first conference win of the season defeating the Methodist Monarchs 49-35.
Offensively, Ferrum had 59 plays, averaging 9.2 yards on each play, and by halftime, it looked as though the writing was on the wall for the Monarchs. Trailing 28-7 at intermission, The Monarchs had an uphill battle as Ferrum was dominating in virtually every aspect of the game. Through the air, Dobson was 7-12 for 140 yards with 1 interception, and 1 touchdown pass to Mike Vann.

At the half, two Methodist quarterbacks had combined to be 5-9-1 for 46 yards passing. Ferrum looked solid and in control. By the end of the third quarter, the score was 35 to 7 with the Panthers still looking dominant. In this quarter, Methodist's quarterback was 2-6 for 38 yards, bringing their overall total to 7-15-1 for 84 yards. Things changed abruptly in the fourth quarter as the Monarchs went for broke through the air, and attempted to take advantage of the Ferrum secondary. In the 4th period, Methodist was 20-26 for 273 yards and 3 touchdowns, including a 91 yard strike to Brian Hopkins for their first touchdown of the period.

While this is a big win for Ferrum, it is definitely illustrative of the Panthers deficient secondary. Methodist is not considered a contender for the conference, and Ferrum should be. Upcoming opponents will look to throw and unless the Panthers can make solid adjustments, it could be a tough stretch run.

Key to a Panther victory-

Play to your strength...and their weakness. Run Run Run. (Turn Vann Loose. Get him 12 carries at least.) Great Job! Balanced Rushing attack with 404 yards!

Create Turnovers, and capitalize on them. Methodist appears to have a tendency to turn the ball over. 1 for 1 in this department. Interception led to a touchdown!

While their offense seems to rely on the run, they will throw. They have a proven passing game averaging 171 yards per game. They will try to exploit the Panthers weakness.
That's exactly what they tried to do...mainly effective in the fourth quarter.

Special teams will need to step it up and be ready for anything. They have an excellent return man. Make every scoring opportunity count. Methodist had 192 kickoff return yards...but that was on 8 kickoffs! Avg. was 24 yards per. Not awful. Puschell remains perfect on xp's

Make a big play...or two. HAVE FUN!! Got an interception, and had big pass play to Vann for 41 yards for a score.

Big win, and a real confidence builder going into the second half of the season. Keep going, and get ready for Greensboro!


  1. Deficient secondary? Maybe.

    No pressure from the exhausted D line in the 4th quarter allowed the quarterback from Methodist to stand and scan the entire field. Makes it difficult to maintain coverage for 4 or 5 seconds.

    Ferrum needs a better rotation of the D linemen to keep fresh legs. The line dominated Methodist for 3 quarters.

  2. You make a great point, and the fact that there was only 1 sack all day even further validates your point. The onside kick kept the D on the field longer than normal.

    Overall it was a good win, and now let's notch one against Greensboro.