Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ferrum Drops Heartbreaker to Averett 34-28....... 3 Overtimes

For the Seniors playing their last game at W.B. Adams Stadium, this is not the way they wanted to go out. Excitement was plentiful, as Ferrum and Averett traded blows evenly through the both halves. With Ferrum leading 7-0 at halftime,courtesy of a Matt Dobson 14 yard run, the dreaded 3rd quarter loomed for Ferrum. The Panthers have only scored 18 points in the third quarter this season. (NCW 11, Methodist 7). This third quarter would prove to be equally as frustrating as Ferrum did not score, but Averett scored 14 points to go ahead. In the fourth quarter, Matt Dobson scored his second rushing touchdown to tie the game at 14. Regulation ended this way, and for the second time this season, Ferrum went into OT. (the other was vs. Bridgewater)
Ferrum was dominating on the ground, and had the opportunities necessary to win the game.

Keys to a Ferrum Victory:

Continue the run game- They will have a difficult time stopping the option attack.
Very strong in this area...Dobson had an excellent game with 171 yards rushing.

Be prepared to defend the pass..This may not be their strength, but they will throw.
This they did- 15-35-0 161 yards. No Int's Average of 10.7 yards per pass completion, with 1 passing touchdown.

Cover punts close and quick...Don't not allow any breakaways.
1 punt returned 73 yards for a touchdown.

No turnovers- Do not give this team any chances to change momentum.
6 fumbles losing possession 4 times.

A team that runs as much as Ferrum does will have fumbles, but these ultimately were the undoing in this game. It could have easily gone the other way. Senior Matt Dobson had an inspiring performance, and in my opinion did an excellent job. Opportunity was lost in the third OT, and Ferrum fell 34-28. This one was winnable, and with a couple of less fumbles, and maybe a stop on a punt return for a TD, Ferrum would be headed to Maryville with a win under its belt.

One more bus trip, and its over for this season. Let's finish strong. Go out there, play sound fundamental football, and beat the Scots!

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