Monday, November 2, 2009

Ferrum to host Averett on Senior Day

With the seasons last home game fast approaching, Ferrum has to shake off the CNU loss, and prepare for another impressive team in Averett. The Cougars come to town still in the conference race with Christopher Newport and North Carolina Wesleyan. Averett has a 6-2 overall record and are 4-1 in the conference. Comparing both teams against common opponents is interesting:

Vs Bridgewater - AU loses by 10/Ferrum wins by 3 in OT
Vs Greensboro - AU wins by 11/Ferrum loses by 3
Vs CNU- AU loses by 31/Ferrum loses by 14
Vs Methodist- AU wins by 31/ Ferrum wins by 14
Vs Shenandoah- AU wins by 1/Ferrum wins by 6

Averett seems to be getting better as the season goes on. Overall their defense is strong, Statistically, they don't make mistakes as far as turnovers are concerned, and have a strong running back in Watson. They seem to have a middle of the pack rated rush defense, and this will be something Ferrum will try to exploit. They defend the pass well, but this is not something Ferrum will do a lot of. One interesting fact about the Cougars is that both their passing offense and rushing offense are ranked fifth in the conference, but their total offense is ranked seventh...further complicating this is that their scoring offense is ranked third in the conference. This is unusual, but to me indicates that they are fortunate with field position. The Cougars are ranked first in punt returns.

Keys to a Ferrum Victory-

Continue the run game- They will have a difficult time stopping the option attack.
Be prepared to defend the pass..This may not be their strength, but they will throw.
Cover punts close and quick...Don't not allow any breakaways.
No turnovers- Do not give this team any chances to change momentum.

On paper, one would think this will be a difficult close game- I don't think so. Ferrum wins big-

My Prediction

Ferrum 42

Averett 14

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