Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ferrum @ Bridgewater

On paper, the statistics would offer that Ferrum may again be in trouble this weekend. Bridgewater is 2-0 this season, and some of their statistics are:

Points per Game-28.5

Passing yards per game- 128.5

Rushing yards per game- 183.5

For Ferrum, the numbers are both impressive, and puzzling... 

Points per game- 17.0

Passing yards per game- 127.0

Rushing yards per game- 223.5

Ferrum's rushing offense is ranked 23rd in the nation, and 1st in the USA South. They are moving the ball on the ground, but are not putting up the points that they will need to be successful.

Ferrum;s defense against the run, is ranked 178th nationally, and 5th in the USA South.

Ferrum's defense against the pass is ranked 25th nationally, and 3rd. in the USA South.

Bridgewater will try to exploit Ferrum's run defense, and look to control the ball and the clock. Ferrum will need to execute on offense in all aspects to score points. They need an offensive breakthrough, and can win with a consistent offensive effort. The funny thing is that Ferrum's offense is obviously moving the ball because punter T.J. Grzeikowski, one of the premier punters in the nation, is not ranked nationally. This is because in order to be ranked, you have to average 3.6 punts per game. so far T.J is averaging 2 punts per game.

In order to come away with a win, every aspect of the Panthers game has to be elevated. While the offense is producing yardage, they are not getting into the end zone. While the defense is working hard, they have to tighten up the D line, and stop the running game of Bridgewater. While the secondary of the Panthers has 2 interceptions in two games, they will need to get two in this game, and while the special teams have struggled in many aspects, they need to be flawless. This includes punt and kickoff returns.

Ferrum has a tough game ahead this week, and will need to play like they are capable of to win. Confidence is the key, and while there has been little to celebrate to this point, All of the pieces to the puzzle are there. The offense can move the ball. The defense can stifle the opponent, and the special teams can score and provide good field position. It all has to happen for four full quarters to get the win.

Keys to a Panther Victory:

Offense needs to execute on every play. Utilize the speed in the backfield to get to the outside.
Defensive line needs to dominate the line of scrimmage. Put a hat on somebody, and make them feel it.
Special teams- Return teams- Blockers stay in your lanes- Return man, follow your blockers- look for the seam, and hit it.
FG/XP's- Head down until follow through is complete. Execute the basics-
Do not shoot yourself in the foot. No turnovers/no penalties.
This is a winnable game. Just go out there and be the aggressor.

My Prediction:

Ferrum 27

Bridgewater 24     OT

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