Friday, September 17, 2010

Southern Virginia @ Ferrum

 I will say up front that Ferrum should win this game and win big. Southern Virginia is a team that is working hard to improve, and based on their website, they had an excellent recruiting year. While they are taking on stronger competition in an effort to improve, they still have a long way to go. Through their first three games, they are 1-2, and based on statistics, they have struggled to say the least. There are no statistics available for their lone win, as Radford is a "club team", but in their two defeats, the following stats stick out.

Combined two game totals: (both losses)

Rushing yards-   56 yards on 84 attempts  (The Knights were -20 yards rushing last week)
Passing Yards-  213 (25-49) with 4 int's.
Points scored by Offense- 24 (They did score 44 points against Radford, but I am not sure that they were all offensive points)

Defense- Combined two game totals (both losses)

Rushing Yards Allowed- 542
Passing Yards Allowed- 753

Points given up by Defense- 116 ( there were an additional 6 points scored by Radford, but I am not sure how they were scored)

In their defense, Concord University (WV) who defeated SVU 72-21,  is a DII school, and is 2-0. The Knights seem to be anemic on offense, and susceptible on defense. Given the history between Ferrum and SVU, it could be a close game, but I tend to think the Panthers have too many offensive weapons, and are too strong defensively up front. One thing is certain, this team will pass the ball. The Ferrum secondary will get challenged, and if the Knights are successful passing, they may keep it close. Their offensive line is anchored by Jacob Lee 6'-4" 375lb. and Dakota Bartlett 6'-5" 305lb. I would assume that they help provide pretty decent pass protection for their quarterback.

Look for Ferrum to win this one easily, but should Ferrum give this team opportunities, it could be close...or worse.

Keys to a Panther win:

Minimize turnovers
Minimize penalties
Cut off their passing game as much as possible. Cover close, pressure qb when possible.
Score first- Score often

My Prediction:

Ferrum  34
SVU     17

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