Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ferrum @ Greensboro- Another tough but winnable game

In just looking at the common opponents so far, Ferrum and Greensboro have each played N.C. Wesleyan, and Emory and Henry. The final score in all of these games show Ferrum as the stronger competitor. Total point difference for Ferrum vs NCW and E&H was 16 points. For the Pride, the difference was 58 points. Other statistical facts for the season so far are:
                         FC             GC

First Downs       79                67
PPG avg.           24.6             8.4

Rushing Yds        779             307
Pass Yds             662             696
Penalties/yds       22-268      31-215
Yds allowed
rushing                  889            1144

Yds. allowed
passing                   1078          581

It would appear that if Greensboro is to compete in this game, they will do it through the air.  Ferrum is vulnerable against the pass, but has shown a bend but don't break mentality so far. Greensboro has only scored 6 touchdowns this season, but 4 have been through the air. Look for Ferrum to jump to an early lead, and hopefully will not have to look back. Ferrum will have to find a way to stay on the offensive, and not let up on either side of the ball. This is a game that Ferrum should win, and they very much need to go back home at 2-1 in the conference before facing a respectable Shenandoah team.
Look for Ferrum to bring more pressure to the Pride QB. This will help disrupt the rhythm, and keep their QB off balance. A second half interception could keep Ferrum fired up and looking to score as opposed to becoming complacent and protecting their lead.
I think Ferrum will assert their skills, and I expect there will be reason to celebrate in Franklin County.

My Prediction:

Ferrum 42
Greensboro 28


  1. A win at GC would put the panthers at 2-1 in the conference.

  2. Ooops! Thanks so much....I need an editor in the worst way!!