Sunday, October 24, 2010

Now That's What I'm Talking About!
Ferrum 56 - Shenandoah 20

After realizing much frustration for the first four games, Ferrum has reeled off three straight wins, and on Saturday looked more like the team we had hoped we would see earlier. If you were there to see it, or if you listened to it like I did on the Internet, it had to be quite evident that Ferrum has many offensive weapons, and are attacking on the ground, as well as through the air. While the majority of the plays are usually on the ground, and this was still the case Saturday, Ferrum;s passing game has definitely been enhanced through the talent of Marcus Mayo, and his receiving corps.
Ferrum did many things right Saturday, and in a game that I thought may be a "nail biter" this was anything but. The Panther offense was consistent, and dominant throughout the game, and the Ferrum defense was solid up front, and the secondary came up with two interceptions.

What was the difference?

Many players who have been playing injured, or have been out of the lineup, were available and healthy this week. Among those were Quintel Banks, and Stephen Harris.

There were no fumbles this week!!!

The offense was strong in the second half, and did not appear to be protecting the lead, but rather adding to it. This was a huge improvement, and different from what we have been seeing.

The offensive line was very strong, and blew holes through the Hornet defense all day.

The defensive line was also dominant on their side of the ball.

A review of Keys to a Panther Victory

Offensively you have to score as often as possible. Do not let up the intensity at all.

Excellent offensive execution- Consistent all day!!

Defensively, you must stop their attack, de-moralize their team, and force turnovers.
 Shenandoah averaged 2.8 yards per rush. 3 fumble recoveries, one for a touchdown, and 2 interceptions.
 Very good Job!

You must shut down their passing game. Stop the deep threat. Look back for the ball, and make a play on the ball. 2 defensive interceptions in this game are necessary. Two int's Very solid.

You MUST win this game to stay solidly in the hunt for the conference championship. The loser will have 2 conference losses, and are all but out of the running.
Send a message to the Hornets that they are in for a long day. Send this message in all phases of the game. If you send it loud enough, the Captains will hear it loud and clear, all the way in Newport News!

This game was just what you needed going into the CNU game. Enjoy this win, and take the good feelings that you got from this win to practice this week. This is another big week, and you need to continue the improving trend. Enjoy today, but strap on the helmets Monday, knowing you can dominate a team on both sides of the ball.

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