Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shenandoah @ Ferrum- Preview

This is a big game for both teams. Ferrum, coming off of a nice win against Greensboro, plays host to the Shenandoah Hornets. Shenandoah is riding a two game winning streak as is Ferrum but this is not the only similarity in the two programs. Ferrum lost it's first four games by a combined point total of 30 points. The Hornets also lost their first four games.The point difference in these losses was 53 points. The teams so far have played two common opponents. Each lost to Bridgewater, and both defeated Methodist.

So what can we expect from Shenandoah?  Like most teams they will try to throw the ball against the Panthers. This will be their main thrust of their offense. I expect this to be a game determined by defense, and a teams ability to create turnovers and capitalize on them. Red Zone efficiency will be key. Any mistakes will be costly for either team as again this could go down to the wire.

 Ferrum Scores by the Quarters

         1st Qtr.    2nd. Qtr.    3rd. Qtr.  4th. Qtr.     OT    Total

FC       52             20             35            17           27       151
Opp     17             47             23            53           27       167

Notice how the first and fourth quarters are almost exactly opposite. How does this occur? There are several factors that possibly have led to this problem. I would guess that the Panthers are turning the ball over more in the second half , and probably more in the 4th quarter than in any other. I would also say that because of this, the opposing teams, who are likely behind, are passing to attempt to cut into the lead. This is resulting in the appearance that Ferrum can to build a lead, but has to fight to hold onto it. This week needs to be different. Ferrum needs to ESTABLISH and MAINTAIN DOMINANCE. They have to send a message that they are a force to be reckoned with, and the statistics have to back it up.

Keys to a Panther win:

Offensively you have to score as often as possible. Do not let up the intensity at all.
Defensively, you must stop their attack, de-moralize their team, and force turnovers.
You must shut down their passing game. Stop the deep threat. Look back for the ball, and make a play on the ball. 2 defensive interceptions in this game are necessary.

You MUST win this game to stay solidly in the hunt for the conference championship. The loser will have 2 conference losses, and are all but out of the running.
Send a message to the Hornets that they are in for a long day. Send this message in all phases of the game. If you send it loud enough, the Captains will hear it loud and clear, all the way in Newport News!

My Prediction

Ferrum  38
Shenandoah 7

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