Sunday, October 31, 2010

USA South
Two weeks left to sort it out.

First let's look at the standings:

N.C. Wesleyan 4-1 5-3
Chris. Newport 4-1 4-4
Averett 3-2 5-3
Ferrum 3-2 3-5
Shenandoah 3-2 3-5
Maryville (Tenn.) 2-3 3-5
Methodist 1-4 2-6
Greensboro 0-5 1-7

With the standings as they are, the next step in figuring out the race to the championship, is to look at the remaining games:

NCW plays at Shenandoah, and ends the season hosting Averett.
CNU plays at Maryville, and ends the season hosting Methodist
Averett hosts Ferrum, and ends the season at NCW
Ferrum plays at Averett, and ends the season hosting Maryville
Shenandoah hosts NCW and ends the season at Greensboro.

First, do not look at the overall record, as it has no direct bearing on the conference championship.

For Ferrum, you have to win both games, and hope for NCW and CNU to lose both of their games.

Anything short of that, and your out of the running.

The way things line up, I see Christopher Newport as having the easiest road to being the automatic qualifier for the NCAA. The game at Maryville is not a "gimme" by any means, but at worst, I see them splitting and finishing 5-2. The likelihood is that they will win both.

North Carolina Wesleyan cannot relax on either game, but are playing solid. They have to win both and hope for a CNU loss. If they end the season tied, the tie breaker would go to CNU.

Averett, now having two losses is in the same boat with Ferrum. They cannot lose another game, and has to have at least one loss by NCW, and CNU to win the conference

The Shenandoah Hornets are still buzziing around, but are really needing the most help. Everyone ahead of them has to lose their remaining games, and they have to win their next two.

Beyond that I believe the rest of the teams are mathematically eliminated.

So for Ferrum, its not impossible. It will take a lot of help from other teams, but go out there and win....That is the only thing you can control.


  1. Unfortunetly I dont see AU threatning anyone at this point. Team is very beat up. Next week against your Panthers out of the starting 22 on Offense and Defense we might get lucky and have 14 of these guys out there. Most of the injurys have been on the defense but at SU we lost both starting guards on the Offense. Honest opinion is AU finishs year at 5-5. Very disapointing season for the seniors.

  2. Ferrum should win the last two games. The variable is coaching. We should have only lost one game and that is Bridgewater. The other games we where out coached. The game is give and take a chess match. The coaching staff has all the pieces are on the sideline. Ferrum has great players. They have alot starting and alot of on the sideline. If a starter is having a hard time put another one in. I have seen players sick on the field and they will not change them out. What ever you think the record speaks for itself. Football is emotional but the coaches have control of that and need to use it. I have brought alot of coaching friends to the games and they all have one comment in common. What are they doing. We should win the last two games,but how will the coaching be?

  3. Marcus- I am not sure if you play for the Panthers or not- I am not sure if this is someone just using the name Marcus in hopes that a coach may read this. At any rate, you are entitled to your opinion, and I am sure not all team situations are perfect, but Coaches do read this website. keep that in mind. You can label your post as Anonymous if you want to. ....Just sayin

  4. Stan said....
    Can't wait for the season to be over its time to get a new coaching staff.
    I attended Ferrum first game of the season Vince got hurt & was on the field limping. Instead of replacing him with another who could block (Coach Harper nevers throws the ball to the TE)they kept him in the game.