Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ferrum @ Averett-Another Tough One To Predict

Ferrum will take to the road for the fourth time in the last five games to challenge the Averett Cougars. After having been predicted by to win the USA South, and having led the conference for most of this season, Averett comes into this game having suffered its second loss of the season, and they have fallen out of first place in the conference.
Ferrum is not going into an easy game by any means. While Averett lost last week, they are still a strong team. Averett has proven to be the team to beat all season long. To me, the two games that they lost were unexpected, and they like all teams at this point in the season are probably dealing with injuries, but make no mistake this team is much like Christopher Newport in that they have size and speed. They have an excellent receiver in Jeremy Dixon who has 47 catches this year for 670 yards and four touchdowns, and judging by these numbers, they will not hesitate to throw the ball.
For Ferrum this needs to be another offensive display. I think it will be a high scoring, and it like last year may go into overtime. Ferrum will have to create turnovers, and produce points. Penalties need to be eliminated, and you MUST get pressure to their QB. If they throw successfully, it wil be a long day for the Panthers

My prediction:

Ferrum 31
Averett 38

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  1. Agree, tough game for both teams. A lot of Averett's recents issues have had to do with injures on the defensive side of the ball, primarily at he LB position. Last week against SU only one of the starting LB's was available for the game. They were also knicked up on the d line and in the secoundary. Both Huffman and Smith will be back at LB this week which in my opinion is huge in dealing with the Ferrum offense. I agree with your assesment as far as pressuring the AU Qb, if Ferrum does not get to him he can light it up. It will be interesting to see if the AU coaching staff continues there rotation of QB's. Last week Ladatko took AU on two quick TD drives and then the coaches made a switch at QB (something they have done all year) and the offense seemd to go flat and unfortunetley never recovered. Assuming Ferrum is going to send the house to get to the AU Qb, they will need to have the o line better prepared. Both SU and Maryville caught the OC off guard with their constant blits packages. The oline was clearly confused at times as to who was comng from were.