Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ferrum loses in finale against Maryville
Davis leaves the Panther sideline

It is hard to determine what to write after this game. I did not expect this loss. They way Ferrum had been playing, I really thought that the Panthers would win, and go out on a high note. Someone forgot to tell Maryville.
On Senior Day, and what would be coach Dave Davis' final game, the Panthers came up short and lost 23-21
To write this article based on statistics would do little to capture what this game was about. Yes there were impressive stats, and I will try to point some of those out in a future article, but this game was full of emotion. A retiring coach, and a tough group of Seniors that any coach would be proud to call his players, playing what would be their last college game.
Their is nothing harder than when you realize that what you have had until this point, what you have enjoyed to this point, and what you have worked for, while having been worth it, is ending and their is nothing that can be done about it. The only thing that you can hope for is that this inevitable ending is made somewhat less painful in this case by a win. This was not to be.
Both teams played hard, and in the end, it appears that the Scots ability to control the time of possession, especially in the fourth quarter, denied Ferrum the chance to overcome the third quarter deficit.
So Ferrum ends the season with a record of 4-6. and tied for third with Shenandoah.

This was a season that I thought would prove difficult. With the loss of three offensive linemen from last year, the loss of Matt Dobson, and the fact that Mike Vann was not returning, to me left too many question marks, and while I predicted in the pre season that they would finish 4-6, the progress that they showed after starting 0-4, was remarkable. Great strides were made, and this team showed heart and had the never quit attitude that was necessary.
For Coach Davis, I am sure it was disappointing. I am sure he would have liked to end with a win, but this was the last piece in a successful and satisfying career. He will look at his years at Ferrum with fond memories, and his last game will just become part of the bigger picture. A picture of young men fighting hard, a picture of practices, games and many fun times. A picture of unfortunate injuries, a picture of players playing through pain. A picture of the refs and both their good and bad calls, a picture of those last second wins and losses. A picture of the fans leaving Adams stadium both excited and sometimes disappointed, but always returning to see the next game. A picture of those hands on the sideline held high with four fingers, and a picture of the teams shaking hands at the end of the game. In the end his memories will collectively recall Panther Pride. A sentiment that is more learned instinctively than taught, and something that in the end is more important than a W. Congratulations Coach Davis on your career, and know that the players fans and especially the parents of those you have coached appreciate all you have done.

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