Friday, December 3, 2010

The Wait Continues...

As of today, I have yet to hear any announcement from the College regarding the naming of a new football coach. I have no real inside track as to getting the information, and will likely discover it through the Ferrum College website. I do anticipate this will be announced soon. Possibly in the next several days, but I tend to think no later than by months end.
The sooner the announcement is made, the sooner the new coach can begin settling in to the job, and start recruiting for new talent. It is important that the process be thorough. This hire will likely impact the Ferrum football program for at least the next ten years. The coach will be faced with the task of re-energizing a program that was once known nationally, but has lately only been known within the USA South.
The coach will have to sell Ferrum, it's remote location, it's academic offerings,it's storied football past and the vision of the future, along with it's tuition cost. This is not an easy sell, but Ferrum can once again be back in the limelight where football is concerned. It will not happen in the coach's first season, but I look for a renaissance in Panther football, and am, like you anxiously awaiting the announcement.

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