Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Success in one sport can affect all sports

As we close in on the end of January, the Ferrum Men's Basketball team is ranked 19th in the nation (, boasting a 17-2 record, and is tied for first in the USA South. With several difficult games still to play, the outcome of this season is still to be decided, but one thing for sure is that national rankings means Ferrum basketball will get more attention, as will Ferrum College itself.
This is a positive for all sports as success can enhance more success campus wide. College name recognition can lead to improved recruiting, and not just in basketball. Success in a sport shows that a school is doing the right things in their athletic programs. It may seem a stretch to think that this could help football, but it is not a stretch at all. Besides more name recognition, and more recruiting opportunities, don't discount the possibility of  attracting a multi sport athlete. Yes this is not only a good thing for the basketball program, but for Ferrum athletics as a whole.

Go Panthers!

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