Sunday, July 3, 2011

A look at the Panthers-
Special Teams

Special teams play an important role in any teams success, Ferrum could be strong in this area, but before I assess special teams, I want to review how Ferrum fared last season.

Punting- 1st in Conference / 4th in the Nation

Field Goals-7th in the conference

Punt Returns- 2nd in the Conference / 5th in the Nation

Kickoff Returns- 3rd in the Conference / 43rd in the Nation

At first glance, these numbers are impressive. Ferrum will have a new punter this season, and while I have no confirmation of who will take on the punting duties, I am expecting Wesley Franklin to fill this role.
Field Goals will likely improve over last year. Scott Puschell had less than stellar numbers as he battled injuries through much of the season. I look for better things to happen this season.

Look for more excitement from Marcus Mayo on punt returns, and Dominique Lesine and Steven Harris on kickoff returns.

Special Teams coverage was good last season, with opponents averaging 18.9 yards per kickoff return, and 10.6 yards on punt returns. These averages are solid, but making the field longer for your opponent is never a bad thing.

Overall, I think Ferrum will be strong in the special teams department. Look for their numbers to improve this season.

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