Saturday, September 17, 2011


So I have made my prediction, and although I may have ruffled some feathers, the prediction does not make me any less of a fan. Ferrum football is moving forward, and the foundation is continously being laid for the program to be a top contender. Today is another building block in the foundation. Could Ferrum win today? ABSOLUTELY! Overall, I do not think they played all that bad against Emory and Henry. It, to me, was too many mistakes, not so much an imbalance of talent. I look for Ferrum to get better every week.

Today's game will be about taking advantage of every opportunity that they get. It will be about everyone stepping up and doing their part. Total focus and execution. They need to go out there, unintimidated, determined, and knowing that they can play with a top 25 team.

Go Panthers!

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