Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just what the Doctor Ordered!
Ferrum 37 Bridgewater 6

On a day where Ferrum would celebrate homecoming, and Hall of Fame inductions, the crowd was also treated to some old school Ferrum football... tough defense, and opportunistic offense, in a game where the Panthers dominated the Bridgewater Eagles.
The defense gave what I would call a bend but don't break performance as it held the Eagles to but 6 points. Ferrum employed a balanced offensive attack with 147 yards passing, and 223 yards rushing. Quarterback Marcus Mayo ran for 128 yards and one touchdown, and passed for 122 yards and one touchdown.
This was the kind of performance that the Panthers needed as they faced a team in Bridgewater (2-1) that was undefeated and looking to establish its presence in the ODAC.

While the offense put up impressive numbers, it was the defense that seemed to be hitting on all cylinders. Only yielding two field goals, the Panthers defense held the Bridgewater offense to a total of 341 yards on 72 plays for an average of 4.2 yards per play. Conversly, the Eagles allowed Ferrum to accumulate 370 yards on 54 plays for a 6.9 yards per play average.

Ten Eagles drives resulted in the following against a stingy Panthers defense.

2 FG's made
1 FG missed
1 punt
3 turnovers on downs
2 interceptions
1 fumble.

This was one of the best all around performances I can remember in quite a while, and although the stats seem to favor the Eagles in many respects, Ferrum had the pieces fall into place, and this game is an absolute example of the stats not always reflecting the true outcome. This was an excellent effort by Ferrum, and is a good indicator of things to come.

Go Panthers!

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