Sunday, October 30, 2011


Not a lot to add to yesterday's article. The main question that comes to mind is how will the delay affect the team? My guess is that this will not cause a great deal of difference in the way the Panthers approach Shenandoah, but may affect the practice routine leading up to Christopher Newport.
If Sunday is utilized at all after a Saturday game, it probably is for meetings, and I would imagine that it does not involve a huge amount of time. So with the game being on Sunday, Ferrum will likely utilize the bus ride to have their meetings. Beyond that, I think the Christopher Newport preparation will be unaffected.
The main thing is to take care of business in Winchester.  That is the only thing that matters. If there is total focus on the Shenandoah game, the rest will take care of itself.


  1. We hear the game is delayed 1 hour and should start at 2pm

  2. is the game at 1 or 3? I see two different times

  3. I am trying to find out something definite, but according to, it is scheduled to start at 3.

  4. Im seeing a start time at 3 according to shenandoah's website and the D3 site.