Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Closer Look at the CNU Loss

Statistically, there are a few things that really caught my attention as I studied the numbers from today's game.

CNU had 12 more first downs than Ferrum, and had a decided advantage in time of possession. They had 20 more running plays than the Panthers, and out gained the Panthers in that department 241-208. They had three rushing touchdowns. In passing the ball, the Captains were 16 of 24 with 1 interception. They gained 223 yards passing and threw 4 touchdowns.
Ferrum had 4 rushing touchdowns on 33 rushing attempts. Through the air, Ferrum was 8 of 23 with 3 interceptions. Ferrum did not have a passing touchdown.

It seemed to be a fairly basic game plan for CNU. They ran fairly basic plays on the ground and through the air, and relied on the size and strength of their offensive line to open holes, and give the quarterback time to find an open receiver.

Ferrum put up 30 points, and this is nothing to sneeze at, but in the end, it was the CNU offense that seemed to be too much for the Panther defense, both on the ground and through the air.

It's disappointing I am sure that the playoffs are not in the cards, but things are on the way up, and Ferrum is moving in the right direction. Take care of business Saturday against Averett, and let's end this season on a high note.


  1. Well this was a great season for us with one game left we did have a great season. What really bothers me is that game with CNU. It's a shame that we lost. It's a big shame that the coaches did not play heads up football or should I say let the player play ball and you coach sit back and enjoy the game of a life time. The player did not look like themselfs and we dont know what happen to the coaches. My god we had this team beat on paper all we had to do is show up and play football and we did not do any of that. I hope the coaches and players that will return next year play from start to finish and maybe we will have that ring that we should bring back to Ferrum. Learn from the mistakes this year and build a bigger team next year. Good luck black hats

  2. Let's not forget that CNU is a good team. They have always been a good team, and they executed a solid game plan. To lay all of the blame on the Ferrum side of the field, does not allow for the talent that CNU brought.
    That being said, Ferrum put up 30 points, and in a lot of instances, that would be enough to win a ball game. I am not sure what CNU saw in the Ferrum defense that they could take advantage of, but it seems to me that they ran a basic ball control game plan, and the size of their offensive line was, overall too much for the D line.
    Remember too that Ferrum had a short week. We lost a day due to playing Shenandoah on Sunday. I cannot say with any certainty that this affected the outcome of the game, but I am sure that the typical practice routine would have to have been altered.
    Lastly, Ferrum has one more game. Senior Day, and a match against a tough Averett team. We need to win this game. If we win, and Maryville, who is really on a roll right now, beats CNU, then Ferrum will be Co-Champions. No playoff bid, but Co-Champions of the conference.

  3. CNU had to run a basic game plan. Their #3 quarterback had not started a game in four years(missed senior year HS w/injury). They lost their #1 running back early and #1 receiver did not play. Ferrum DL is not tiny compared to CNU's. Ferrum did look confused and lost on getting the plays into the huddle. Also, you are going to have a hard time to beat CNU with run only. Saturday Ferrum pass attack was not there. Ferrum's fans seemed overconfident of victory but left they game in droves w/6 minutes to go.
    Football is never played on paper.

    CNU fan

  4. First, to Anonymous above, games are played on the field and not on paper and stats columns. This isn't fantasy football.

    Second, CNU may be a better team than their 7-2(at this point)record might indicate. They lost a fluke game at Stevenson in OT and to Salisbury in the final 30 seconds after leading by 20 deep in the 4th quarter. CNU could be and probably should be 9-0 right now.

    Third, not sure if bigger is the reason CNU prevailed, but would argue deeper may be a more appropriate response. Even with injuries at key spots, reserves stepped up and did their jobs.

    Finally, Dave Harper has done a great job transforming the team he inherited and even more, seems to be building a better program around the players and for the players. This should help with depth and sheer numbers of quality STUDENT/ATHLETES coming to Ferrum. Getting deeper will also lessen the reliance on one or two guys as the focal point of the team. Shutting down one player to beat the team is pretty easy and predictable. Shutting down several talented players is much more difficult.

    Dave Harper for coach of the year in the USA South may be a reality. If I had a vote, he'd get it.

  5. To the CNU fan, I have to agree with most of what you said except the FC offense did put 30 points on the board....That in and of itself was not enought to win the game, but it seems that the problem was keeping the Captains offense off the field, and out of the endzone. You are right that running the ball will not always win the game, and it also seems, by looking at the results of some of the previous CNU games, passing may have made it more difficult for the Captains, but the Captains moved the ball almost at will, and most of that was on the ground.