Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some Statistics to Ponder

The following links will give you the chance to compare Ferrum and CNU statistically.



I would like to post the two charts side by side, to make it easier to compare the two, but the limitations of the blog, will not allow it.
Things to note-
In the team stats for the conference, Ferrum is in 1st place in 8 categories. Of those 8, CNU ranks either 2nd or 3rd behind Ferrum.
By contrast, Ferrum ranks 3rd behind the 2 categories that the Captains finished in first place.
The strength of each team is their rushing offense, and their rushing defense. Both teams seem to be weaker defending the pass. Ferrum is ranked lower in passing offense CNU 3rd, Ferrum 7th. Neither team puts the ball up all that much.

These teams are very evenly matched. Look for this to be a great game to watch.

Go Panthers!

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  1. Ok this is the biggest game of the year for the Ferrum Panthers. Both sides I hear have some injuries. I have been looking over the stats and feel the our Ferrum Panthers take this one and it will be big. I'm sure there will be something that we did not see yet in this season and will say that Ferrum has this one by 20. Look over the stats and look at the games that CNU played and Ferrum played. We held our own since the first two games. Go Panthers