Friday, November 4, 2011

The Stage is Set

For Ferrum, this has been a really good season. If someone had told me that the Panthers would have a chance at the playoffs in David Harper's first year, I would have thought it overly optimistic. I would have considered it a possibility, but realistically, I would have thought that second place in the conference would be "top shelf."

Now we sit as fans waiting for what I felt would have been very unlikely. A win tomorrow will put Ferrum in the NCAA field of 32 teams to decide a national champion. That leaves about 207 teams dreaming of finishing their season strong, and building towards next year. But for those other 32, they will have made it to the next level. They will be in the big show for D3 football.
Ferrum is looking to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2005. In those six seasons since, this is as strong a Panther team as I can remember. Ferrum is solid in all aspects of the game, and this is something that has not been the case in quite some time.
The offense is much improved over last year, and the defense has really done a huge turnaround. Special teams also are very solid. Ferrum is fielding a championship caliber team for the USA South.
I look for Ferrum to continue their winning streak tomorrow. I expect the Panthers to be playoff bound.

Go Panthers!

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  1. Safe travels to everyone. Will see you at FC bright and early tomorrow morning. Be loud and Panther proud!!! Go Black Hats!!! Lets get that ring.