Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Keys to Another Successful Year-

Ferrum last season, usually employed a two linebacker defense. While many defensive variations exist, Ferrum ran a 4-2-5 much of the season. This puts a solid line up front, but more importantly, places an additional safety in the defensive backfield.
Many times a team will run a basic 4-3 defense which has four down linemen, and 3 linebackers. This can easily be changed to a 3-4 where there are three down linemen, and 4 linebackers.
The two linebacker look, is a strong defense against the run, but takes two very athletic linebackers to be successful. This past season, Tremaine Whitney, and Melvin Trotter filled the linebacker roll in most games. Whitney led the team in tackles with 73 tackles, and Trotter was the third leading tackler with 65. Personally, I wish Ferrum could have more of a 4-3 look, but that may well make them too susceptible to the deep pass.
Whitney has graduated, and Ferrum must look for a replacement to fill his shoes....and they are sizeable shoes to fill.
I look for Jatavious Adams, to be the working to attain the starting job, along with Justin Terwilliger, and Akeem Boyce.
The good news is, Ferrum seems plenty deep at the linebacker position, and if those on last years roster return, Ferrum should be solid at this position.

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