Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Can We Expect From the Panthers?

As the first week of fall camp has come to a close, I have had no reports from anyone on campus as to how things are going. My guess would be that there is plenty of opportunity for incoming freshmen to see quality playing time, and I would think there is a lot of competition...especially for positions along the offensive line, and in the offensive backfield.
For the Panther offense, I look for them to put out a balanced attack of running, and passing. The Panthers receiving corps will be one of the best in the conference, so I look for them to be utilized quite a bit. The running game, even with a less experienced O-line, should possess good speed, and be able to move the ball. I would say this will also be solid, but it may be a work in progress. On defense, it appears that last year's defense rookie of the year, Josh Oliver did not return to Ferrum. In an article in the Franklin News Post, he was listed as one of several players off of last years roster that would not return.

I look for the defense to be solid, as they will only have three positions to fill from last season. ( 1 DB, 1 LB, and 1 DL)

I have to say that for me Ferrum's season opener on Sept. 1st, vs. Emory and Henry is a very important game. Many may think that since it is a non conference game, it will not really matter. I think nothing could be further from the truth. This game, with a win, will set the tone. It will give the team confidence, and will give them something that half of the DIII colleges in the country will not unbeaten record. It is an important game, and the stadium needs to be close to full. Come out and support the Panthers.

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  1. A 42-14 beat down in a preseason game against W&L doesnt make FC look good but they used 2 quarter backs and the one after Tim looked good and that might be that Brubaker kid but FC needs to work on their speed and if so can do every good this year and maybe a 2005 run can be in the cards this year!!!!