Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ferrum @ Averett
Head to Head Comparison

Wondering how the Panthers and Cougars stack up? Here are some national rankings, as well as conference rankings:

                             AU                                                   FC

Rushing Offense             152 d3,  6th conf.                           75 d3,  2nd conf.  

Passing Offense              197 d3,  6th conf.                          147 d3,  4th conf.                 

Rushing Defense             211 d3,  7th conf.                           62 d3,   2nd conf.

Passing Defense              101 d3,  6th conf.                          145 d3, 7th conf.

Total Offense                   213 d3, 8th conf.                          121 d3, 1st conf.

Turnover Margin              27 d3,  1st conf.                             161 d3, 7th conf.

Total Defense                   188 d3, 7th conf.                            77 d3, 3rd conf.

Passing Efficiency            179 d3, 6th conf.                            55 d3, 1st conf.

Sacks Allowed                  217 d3, 8th conf.                             12 d3, 1st conf.

So what can be learned from these numbers? Well there are probabilities that could be drawn:

Ferrum should be able to move the ball on the ground with success. There is also reason to be optimistic about the Panthers passing game versus the Cougars.

In fact, based on most of these numbers, it would appear that Ferrum will command most phases of the game. There are things that could affect Ferrum's success. Home field advantage, and turnover margin are areas of concern, but overall, I would expect the Panthers to go to 3-1, and to do it convincingly.

Go Panthers!

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