Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time to Run the Mountain?

Back in the day, one of the "punishments" for major mistakes was running the mountain. The mountain that Adams Field sits in the shadow of is commonly referred to as Ferrum Mountain. Actually called Saul's Knob, this peak would be the path to improvement for the Panthers. I doubt that this is still employed as incentive for mistake free football, but many a Panther over the years have run the mountain to inspire their game performance.
Why do I bring this up? I have just posted an article indicating "solid improvement", and while I do see progress, the giveaway/takeaway numbers are not too strong. After the E&H game, Ferrum was +1 in the giveaway/takeaway category. Emory fumbled once, and Ferrum recovered, while the Panthers did not turn the ball over. In the second game, Ferrum faced Shenandoah under the lights, and turnovers became an issue. In this game the Panthers gave up their first interception, and they fumbled twice losing both of them. The Hornets did not fumble in the game, but they did give up 2 interceptions. So for this game, Ferrum was -1, making them even on the young season.
In last week's game against Southern Virginia University, Ferrum gave up three fumbles, and 2 more int's, while the Knights lost one fumble, and were also intercepted twice. For the game, and the season, Ferrum is now -2.
In checking turnovers, you have to wonder what happened after the turnovers. In the Emory and Henry game, Ferrum's lone takeaway led to a touchdown.

Against Shenandoah, Ferrum's scored a touchdown after a Hornets turnover, but gave up the only SU points after losing a fumble. Lastly, Ferrum hosting Southern Virginia University, gave up a fumble with less than 6 minutes left in the game, and this resulted in a Knights touchdown. In this game, and the Shenandoah game, both of the opponents touchdowns resulted from Ferrum turnovers. Without those turnovers, there was a real chance for a shutout....something that Ferrum has not done since 2006 against Shenandoah.

The defense has looked good the last two games, but needs to continue to do their part to increase the takeaways, while the offense works to minimize the giveaways...something that a trip up the mountain might just help.

Go Panthers!

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