Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ferrum @ CNU
Head to Head Comparison

Here is a look at some statistical comparisons between Ferrum and CNU                                      

                                              CNU                                                          FC

Rushing Offense            145 d3,  5th conf.                                    52 d3, 2nd conf.

Passing Offense            139 d3,  3rd conf.                                    148 d3,  5th conf.

Rushing Defense          227 d3,  8th conf.                                      70 d3, 2nd conf.

Passing Defense              65 d3, 5th conf.                                    134 d3, 7th conf.

Total Offense                166 d3, 6th conf.                                    106 d3, 2nd conf.

Turnover Margin             19 d3, 1st conf.                                    118 d3, 4th conf.

Total Defense                189 d3, 7th conf.                                     83 d3, 3rd conf.

Passing Efficiency         134 d3, 4th conf.                                     29 d3, 1st conf.
Sacks Allowed                 84 d3, 8th conf.                                      17 d3, 1st conf.

It is also important to note that Ferrum's punter, Wesley Franklin is ranked 16th in the nation, and second in the conference. CNU punter Mason Studer is 5th in the nation, and first in the conference. These two players will likely play a big role in Saturday's game.

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