Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ferrum @ Greensboro
Game Preview

Saturday, Ferrum plays it's fifth and final road game of the year...the last one of the regular season anyway  The Panthers invade Jamieson Stadium, and look to defeat a much improved Greensboro team that features a new head coach in Bill Young, and the conferences top passing offense. While they do have a strong passing attack, that is the only category that they lead the conference. Their overall statistical average has them 4th out of the eight teams in 17 categories. Conversely, Ferrum's average statistical ranking is 3rd out of eight teams. (2.7 rounded up) Ferrum leads the conference in 5 categories out of 17.

Before last week, the Pride were part of a five way tie for first place. After a loss to North Carolina Wesleyan, they are hanging by a thread to hopes of a championship. I do not see them in the playoffs, but it would be a huge mistake for Ferrum to underestimate this team. They can put points on the board, especially through the air. This is what concerns me the most. The number one passing game in the conference, against the number seven passing defense.

While that match up makes me nervous, I believe Ferrum has too many tools. I also look for special teams to play an important role. I have never done this since I started the blog, but I am predicting a kickoff, or punt return for a Panther touchdown. In the end, that still may not be enough to get a comfortable win. To make it comfortable, I expect Ferrum to benefit from at least one Pride turnover...maybe more.
 Ferrum will move to 6-2, and head back to Franklin County with their last two games at home....regular season games anyway.

My Predictions:

Ferrum 37 @ Greensboro 24
CNU @ NC Wesleyan
Methodist @ LaGrange
Maryville @ Averett

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