Monday, November 5, 2012

Panthers Fall 48-24
I Could Not Be Happier

To write an article about a game with both teams called the Panthers is somewhat challenging. When however the Ferrum Panthers come out with the win, the task is much more enjoyable.

Yesterday, Ferrum had an outstanding game, in all phases as they cruised to a 48-24 dismantling of the LaGrange Panthers. It was one of those games where I was a bit nervous about the outcome. LaGrange had shown that they can play solid football, as they beat CNU earlier in the season, 20-6....only yielding two field goals to the Captains. The curious part about LaGrange, was that they had lost to Averett, and Methodist. The question was which LaGrange team would show up? As for Ferrum, they have shown consistent improvement as the season has gone on. They have developed into what I feel is the best team in the USA South, and I believe if they could get a "do over" with CNU, and Emory and Henry, those two teams would have a tough road beating Ferrum.

As for yesterday, Ferrum had a balanced attack, both through the air and on the ground. Over land, Ferrum ran for 216 yards on the ground, and two touchdowns.

Reynolds Wraps Up Team Season Passing Record

Quarterback Tim Reynolds set a new record for passing yards in a season. Tim was 13 of 22 with no interceptions and three passing touchdowns. On the day, Reynolds accumulated 264 passing yards giving him 1540 yards, eclipsing the record of Marcus Mayo. Look for his total to grow next week.

Lynwood "Picksixit" Frustrates LaGrange

With two blocked passes, 4 tackles, and a 31 yard interception return for a touchdown, Lynwood Pickett had a career day at the expense of the LaGrange offense.
What was most surprising was the acceleration as he took the ball to the end zone....I hear he may replace Brubaker at running back next year.

Tyler "Timex" Brubaker Takes a Lickin' but Keeps on Tickin'

If you are hit as hard as Tyler Brubaker was Saturday, everyone would understand if you walked in circles reciting the ingredients of a Big Mac. Brubaker, a Senior running back for Ferrum played tough all day long after not one but two hits that would have given most people a ride in the rescue squad.
I was amazed at his quick comebacks in each instance, and while he showed no ill effects yesterday, I wonder if Sunday morning he did not wonder if his last name should have been Bruisebaker. You rarely see someone get hit that hard twice in a game, because one of those hits are enough to get you out of your pads for the day, but Tyler must be pound for pound the toughest man on the Ferrum team...he continues to amaze me.

Adams, and T.O. Continue to Shine in the Defensive Show

Linebacker Jatavious Adams, had five tackles against LaGrange, to take his team leading total to 62 for the season. This Junior from Heathesville, Va. Has provided a steady performance, this season, and seems to have great defensive instincts. Interestingly enough, he was originally listed as a wide receiver for the Panthers his Freshman year.
Tarrell Owens captured his 7th interception of the year Saturday, leaving him three shy of tying the Ferrum record for single season interceptions, with one game to play. Owens, from Sterling, Va. is currently tied for fourth in the nation for interceptions.

Number 40's Number 11 Takes Him to Number 6

Punter Wesley Franklin, from Morganton, N.C. had another solid day of punting against LaGrange. Franklin, who had been ill for most of the week prior to the game, must have taken a BC powder, because he came back strong for Ferrum. He averaged 38.2 yards per punt Saturday, and while it was not his best day, it was good enough to cause LaGrange to have less than desirable field position most of the day, and to move him to 6th in the nation as a punter.

Ferrum looks to close out their regular season this Saturday when the Maryville Scots come to Ferrum. It is simple....If Ferrum wins, and Methodist defeats CNU, Ferrum is in the playoffs....stay tuned.


  1. I agree with all what you are saying and saw the hit on Tyler and was glad he got up and played on, but don't you feel for the kids for the past few years now and even this year that all what they have done in the terms of winning games that they should of and losing once again to CNU means that Ferrum finishes 2nd again and no playoffs. I have be also hearing from a FC coach that they might get a "2nd team bid to the playoffs"? My question is based on what? For the body of working when you lose to the same 2 teams for consective years in CNU and E&H doesn't help it hurts and when you win vs the regular conference schedule leaves you where?? Other than that for me who has been on a past ferrum staff and have a Championship ring and went to the playoffs it has been a good year but sadly like the normal at FC the ends with another 2nd place finish and it leaves me to ask. Aren't you tired of feeling that all your efforts are for not??

  2. While I understand your frustration, I must try to respond from a few different directions...
    Firdt, it is not guareenteed that Ferrum finishes second. While it may be hard to imagine, if Ferrum defeats Maryville, and Methodist beats CNU, then Ferrum is in...If CNU wins, then they are in. As for an at large bid, I do not see it happening. Mainly because of the weakness of the USA SOuth. It could happen, but I would not count on it.
    As for the team, I am impressed on what they have accomplished this year, mainly because of the inability to retain athletes. There were a lot of athletes that should have returned, and would have started, but did not...Either transferring, of were ineligible. The difficulties that this places on a coaching staff must be imense. I think they have done a fantastic job getting the team to where they are considering. If Ferrum wins, they will not be second place, rather co-champions. It is not impossible to think that CNU could lose to Methodist. Methodist is a steadily improving team, and CNU is struggling, and their QB was injured this past Saturday night. I would not count this as an automatic for CNU.
    Yes to finish outside of the playoffs would be a dissapointment, but not as much of a disappointment as finishing in the playoffs would be a thrill...dont give up yet.

  3. You're correct. CNU is struggling and if Ferrum had them in the normal end of October, early November schedule, well, probably a different outcome. CNU has no offense now. Having said that, CNU's loss to LaGrange was a bit flukey. LaGrange isn't that good. CNU just played horribly against them. USAS will be a different conference with Huntingdon joining. That will be team to beat.

    1. I completely agree.....I remember thinking in previous years that I wish FC would play CNU earlier before they got things tuned up. I always saw them as a team that eould get stronger as the years went on. This year, we played them earlier, but we are getting better, and they are not......Go Methodist!

  4. Where is adams in the confernce on tackles?

  5. Adams is 14th in the conference. Interestingly enough , Maryville has 5 players in the top 15 in tackles.

  6. - Highly doubt USA South gets an at-large bid as weak as the conference is.
    - Wake me when Ferrum CONSISTENTLY beats E&H and CNU.
    - It's too bad the ODAC can't kick out a couple non-Virginia schools and add Ferrum and CNU. ODAC has always looked down upon Ferrum academically so that will probably never happen but that would be the best long term place for Ferrum.