Saturday, November 10, 2012

This One Was Hard to Watch

I am not sure where to start for this article. This was a game that held so much meaning, so much emotion, and winning would have given Ferrum a chance at the playoffs. The fact that it was Senior Day, and the knowledge that the Ferrum Seniors could be participating in their last game added even more drama to the day.
For me, I was destined to watch the game via the Internet broadcast. A broadcast that had it's share of rare technical glitches through the first three quarters, but seemed to straighten out in the last period.

In trying to sum this game up, I would say that from what I saw, Maryville made a study of the Ferrum offense and defense, and really controlled both sides of the ball. Ferrum had its bright spots, but overall, it was Maryville that shone the brightest.

There is not a lot to say. I do not look to lay blame on anyone, Ferrum has had a really good season, but they were not the best team on the field today. It will take time for Ferrum to get over this, for fans to get over this, and me to get over this, but when its all said and done, I say that Ferrum is building a playoff caliber program and that it is a process. A process that takes time. I know that Ferrum will lose a lot of Seniors, but they have a wealth of underclassmen that, if they will stay at Ferrum, and stay the course will be part of a very strong program in the years to come.

I know there will be naysayers, looking to blame the coaches. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but from where I sit, Ferrum has as good of a head coach as there is in the USA South, and if he stands behind his assistants, then that is good enough for me.

So the game is over, and the season is over too. I guess if CNU loses tonight to Methodist, then Ferrum CNU, and Maryville will be 5-2 in the conference and be co champions. CNU will still get the trip to the playoffs as they own the tie breaker over both teams. Go Monarchs...a co championship is better than no championship.

Lastly, I want to say a big thank you to the Internet broadcast crew of today's game. I was really glad to find out that you read the blog, and I really appreciate the mention of the blog during the broadcast. I did not expect that....I will work on more nicknames for next year.

Keep your heads up Panthers, your efforts and abilities will not soon be forgotten. Thanks Seniors for all you have done!


  1. Dude I don't blame David Harper for the problems nor the seniors that played their last game here today. From what I read I see that you have very little credit for Maryville shutting up that over hyped defense. See what I want you to understand that you say it takes time I know that David Harper has been in charge for only 2 seasons and for the most part did well but understand that in today's world where boosters/backers with money to help this program and people who want to see more than just another good 2nd wants more than that. I see that you feel that people who post are wanting coaching changes. As for as that is concerned I have no problems with Harper, but your have an very outdated QB coach and your defensive coaches shaw, and adams need to be replaced. Face it when it comes to FC football they will always finish 2nd. For what I saw here today the seniors played great and I commend them but like always Ferrum can't get the job done and as someone who backs FC the excuses are tiring some. I don't know about you but something has to change so that you don't have kids crying in sadness walking off the field in their last game anymore!!!

  2. I actually agree with this comment about some staleness of the assistant coaches. Harper is an excellent coach and will be regarded as a great coach when he's done. With that said, Maryville looked better coached and better prepared today. You'll know Ferrum "is back" when they consistently beat E&H and CNU every year. The defense is not consistent in big games and looks too "gimmicky". I'm willing to give the offense more time but I will say I like the traditional Ferrum offense. But I will ask, is this current offense scheme one that will win a championship? It relies way too much on the quarterback in my opinion. Just saw Methodist beat CNU- sweet.....