Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Difficult Story to Write

The number one rule in writing, is to research your subject matter, and to have strong knowledge of what or who you are writing about. This post will have to defy that rule.

I never met James Dobson. James was the younger brother of former Ferrum quarterback Matt Dobson ('10). I likely first came to know who James was through photo's taken by Tammi Armstrong. I have actually never met Matt either, but I would see pictures of James, and either he would be with Matt, or would have his # 8 Ferrum Jersey on. I surmised they were brothers. I saw James at games, but I never had the chance to meet him.
I remember learning that James was battling cancer, and while I realized that this was  a horrible thing, I saw first a happy, very alive and courageous kid. A kid who loved his brother, and loved the Ferrum Panthers.  I received the news today, that James passed away this past Sunday at the young age of 13.

The impact that people have on others lives is something to marvel at. I can sit here and just imagine what it must have been like for James to be able to hang out with college football players. To be able to get up close and personal and high five with guys who were out there trying win a game. It was so evident that he ran every step with not only his brother, but with all the players. I marvel at the impact that this must have had on James. I am sure however that the impact that James had on the team was even greater.

Life can be hard to figure out. I certainly will never be able to explain certain things. One of those being the unfairness of a child with cancer. I do know that based on pictures I have seen, and the times I saw James at games, no one could have dealt with it with a more upbeat, positive attitude. His lesson to the team and likely to anyone around him, was that with all the difficulties we face, there is someone out there who has it worse. He was a special courageous kid who inspired many. I doubt that James dwelled on his condition all that much. My guess is that his focus was more centered on others around him....his friends, his family, and Ferrum football.....not self but others.

See WJLA news story on James

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