Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Tradition of Winning Continues

Over the last few months, I have been watching, somewhat quietly, the progress of the Ferrum sports teams. I attended a baseball game a few weeks back when Ferrum visited CNU. It was a doubleheader, but I only saw the first game...The Panthers played well, but fell 3-0. Thanks to the Internet, I I have been able to see many of the Men's and Women's basketball games. I have been quite impressed with what I have seen. It is apparent to me, that Ferrum is on the right road when it comes to their athletics program.
Football, in two years under Dave Harper has posted a 14-6 record, and this past season, were co champions of the conference. Coach Bill Tharp was named USA South Men's Basketball Coach of the Year, as the Panthers finished 2nd in the USA South with a 14-11 record.
The season was extended  for the Lady Panthers, as they received an at-large bid to the DIII NCAA tournament. For the second consecutive year, Ferrum made an appearance in the tournament, but had a quick exit as they fell to Huntindon (AL) Also for the second year in a row, Coach Bryan Harvey was named Women's Basketball Coach of the Year in the USA South. The future is bright for the Panthers.

My Freshman year at Ferrum was 1978-79. This was the year after Ferrum won it's final JUCO football national championship. While many of the players from that team had already transferred when I got there...(Remember, football was still a two year sport), there were still a lot of talent remaining. The team finished the season 8-2 that year, and although they were not national champions, they did win their regional title.

I happened to be flipping through my freshman year yearbook, and was surprised to learn of some of the othere records Ferrum posted in athletics that season.

Men's Basketball 23-6
Women's Basketball 11-9
Men's Tennis 8-3
Women's Tennis 1-7
Baseball 17-19
Women's Softball 6-3
Men's Golf 7-5
Track 10-1
Women's Volleyball 13-11

Interestingly enough, the yearbook lists a Men's and Women's swim team, and a Cross Country team, but does not show records. It was a strong year for the Panthers, and then, as now, the winning continues.

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