Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ferrum falls to Bridgewater
Improvement Seen in Loss

Not many were expecting things to be much different. Ferrum, who has had a difficult time stopping any of their opponents, fell to a strong Bridgewater team, 51-28. To me, things were different. Yes the score was not pretty, but Ferrum is getting better. They came to play football, and until the 4th quarter, gave Bridgewater a fit. Entering the fourth quarter, they only trailed by six, and it ended up being two long passing plays in the fourth quarter that sealed the win for the Eagles. The final score was due to a really good throw and a really good catch while under excellent coverage. The first Eagles TD in the 4th quarter seemed to be blown coverage as the receiver was wide open.
This was a loss, but Ferrum is starting to gel. Tae Gilbert is quite a threat out of the backfield, and Reynolds seemed to have a better day passing as he was 11 of 24 for 166 yards.
Defensively, Ferrum had some bright spots also, as Lynwood Pickett had two sacks, and Chris Ham got the teams first interception of the season. Ferrum gave Bridgewater a variety of defensive looks especially as is pertained to the D line. There were sets with three up front, and some with four down linemen, and occasionally it looked as if a LB would almost serve as a fifth front man. Special shout out to Yohannes Mathyas as he was all over the field playing inspired football.

Give Bridgewater credit, they are a good team, but if it were not for the last two TD's, Ferrum may have come away with an upset.
Unfortunately, Ferrum drops to 0-3, and begins conference play next week against a Huntingdon team that is very strong, and currently undefeated. Having to travel to Alabama will only steepen the challenge.

It has been a tough start for the Panthers, but they are getting better. Look for them to come up on the winning side of the scoreboard in the not too distant future.


  1. Not understanding the FAILURE to make major changes to the defense. Obvioulsy, it's NOT working, the scores have proven that three weeks in a row.
    The current DB's are getting burnt every game, on evey play, yet they remain in the game with maybe one or 2 substitutions, who when they make a mistake, obviously due to not being utilized in a game setting, are removed from the game and replaced by the same DB's making the same mistakes.
    It's NOT the players, it's coaching. Not sure how long this guy has been there, but some major changes need to be done, either to the failed method in place or the Coach.

  2. Allen, don't stop doing what you do. Noticed a little less zip in your posts as well as delays. Don't let a few knucklehead's negative comments during an off season for the team take you away from what you appear to enjoy. Report on the team and the conference as you see fit. Report the bad with the good but keep on keeping on.

  3. Thanks! It is an off year, but things will get better. Have had a few computer issues, and had to travel this week, so I was late on my Game Preview. Don't worry, I will be blogging for a long while, but it is more fun when FC is winning.