Thursday, September 19, 2013

Game Preview:
Ferrum @ Bridgewater

With 2 weeks of the season behind them, Ferrum will look to gain some traction as they travel to Bridgewater College to take on the 2-0 Eagles. Look for the Bridgewater offense, which has been quite impressive both running and passing, to work all angles to deflate the Panther defense.
I expect to see improvement on the defensive side of the ball, but have a hard time envisioning the Panthers ending up in the win column just yet. Ferrum has had a tough couple of games, and these next two weekends offer little relief where the opponent is concerned. Look for October to be a better month.

Bridgewater 36

Ferrum  20


  1. As much as a fan I am, the next 2 weeks appear to be UGLY for our team!! My biggest concern about the defense is the lack of penetration/pressure. The secondary is young and inexperienced. They have struggled (as expected) but continuously we do not put any pressure on the opposing QB's. It is obvious that sitting back in a zone defense is not the answer as we have been torched in the 1st two games. Try something different...create some havoc with stunts, blitz packages, etc.. to get the other team off balance. What's it going to hurt at this point??

  2. I commend you on finally seeing the light. Yes these next 2 games will be hell for FC but I don't see the same score outcome like you do.
    Unless FC found a way to get scrap their offense or found a way to stop somebody that score you have will not be even close to what will be on the scoreboard.

    Maybe with the expected rain to come FC might have a chance to be in shouting distance!!

    FC: 13
    Bridgwater: 48