Saturday, September 28, 2013

GAMEDAY: The Rest of the Conference Slate

Here is how I see the rest of the conference finishing this weekend.

Greensboro @ LaGrange

N.C. Wesleyan @ Averett

Methodist @ Maryville

CNU is "open" this weekend. Look for this to be a tough week for the visitors.


  1. Its now time for changes here at good ole Ferrum Colllege!!! I have never seen an defense give up 774 yards and lose while scoring 35pts!!! Someone has to take the bullet and the responsibility to man up and either start making the right decisions or take a step back!!! I am a donor that gives money to this program and now I am inclined not to give anymore because it has been for years that Ferrum made excuses for not get the right players and how many backdoor deals were done in which the public never knew and yet occurs and yet it results in nothing!!!!! All I hear are excuses and now being 0-4 doesn't help and being told its ok is not helping and something drastic needs to be done and done now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey homer. what in the world happened to ferrum??? How in the world can they give up 774 yards and expect to win??? Can you tells us why ferrum can't cut the mustard this season so far?? Because before you had blogs of "look at the size of that O-Line" "170 players in camp" and yet Tim Reynolds look like he is crippled out there or it is that the new OC can't cut it??? So tells us what you are expecting now?? Because these 2 games coming up might be Ferrum's only chance of winning this season and if they don't win it expect 0-10 and just maybe a pink slip for adams!!!!