Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wasps Explode. Panthers Implode.
E&H 49 Ferrum13

On a day where Ferrum, wanted to make a statement, and get their season off on the right foot, Things, from what I see could not have gotten much worse for the Panthers. I was not in a position to watch the broadcast, but did follow the live stats, and it got ugly fast. There was a decided deficiency in Ferrum's pass defense as Emory and Henry threw for 331 yards. (29 for 35  0 int's). The Wasps also gained 132 yards on the ground. The fact that E&H would pass and pass often should not have been a surprise to anyone. Their quarterback was the best in the ODAC last year, and with Ferrum's secondary having so many new faces, the passing attack was a given.

While the defense could not find their legs, the offense seemed equally inept.  On the day Ferrum only had 53 passing yards, and 126 yards on the ground. Trailing 42-0 at halftime, the outcome was decided early, and any hope of a comeback was dim to say the least.

 One lap does not make the Daytona 500, nor does one game make a season, but It seems that there are some kinks that need to be worked out. I have the confidence that like the past two seasons, Ferrum will show a huge dose of improvement as they move to week two, and host Shenandoah next Saturday.

Go Panthers!


  1. Absolutely horrible. I actually wasted an hour watching some of the game in the E&H broadcast (who by the way were laughing at Ferrum's offense and defense). Only at Ferrum can a defensive coordinator consistently put an unprepared defense out on the field and consistently lose big against a decent team and keep his job.
    As for the new offensive coordinator- if that's the best you can prepare your side and that's as creative as you get- you should be gone after 1 year.
    The apparent lack of preparation and confusion were obvious on both sides of the ball. Coach Harper you need to put results over friendships with your coaches regardless of how young your players- that excuse is past getting old.

  2. If your not going to be critical on how Ferrum didn't play well I will. I expected a typical homer response from you after all you did create this blog and its nice, but it would be great to get both sides good or bad no matter how it goes. I was able to watch the game and watched it again today and saw one major theme and that is. How can FC miss so many basic tackles??? I thought when you go to camp you actually game plan for this game and for your season but these defensive players played as if they didn't know what the world was going on. For as long as I have been commenting on this blog my major point was that the FC defense was bad this game has just shown once again that this Cleve Adams defensive just blows!!!! As for the special teams how bad can you punt??? I guess with over confidence with Wes Franklin doing all the work you can't replace him so you get what you can, but when you opponents a short field i guess you get this result. As for the offensive I thought that new OC would of drawn up more new plays and not this old ground and pound offensive that everyone knows how to stop??? I see that Harper still have the controls of the offensive bc this was the same script used years ago and worked but today it didn't. I guess that OC blows bc if you can't come up with other plays and expect to just run all the time you will get nowhere. Also How dumb can you be as the defensive didnt' see that 2pt conversion coming?? I mean come on did the defensive have a brain cramp and didn't pay attention or just didn't care??? All I know is that FC was chosen 4th and people tell me they can play and yes this is only one game, but when you come out of the gate and lose and lose bad this could be signs of a bad season. Also did FC bench their Qb reynolds for a backup???? If so FC is in deep trouble!!!! Its one thing to lose but how FC lost ouch!!!!!!!

    1. I would like to address this commentary....the Offense was bad and unfortunately the Defense was atrocious. I did not expect the Offense to be this bad but was not as surprised by the Defense performance. Too many young, inexperienced players on the Defense with no college experience will lead to this type of game. Other than 1 bad punt, the Special Teams did fine. So why even come down on the kicker? As far as I know from the past 2+ years, Franklin has performed very well. At some point it was enevitable for him to have 1 bad kick. The kicker may be the only bright spot over the course of the next few weeks so let's not bring him down too.

  3. Go back to the announcement of 170 in camp. Too many, unmanagable and a distraction. Great for the school's finances, bad for readying a football team and this week one result is proof. Bigger isn't better, better is better. 2-8 maybe 3-7.

  4. Offensive Coordinator needs to go ASAP! Ferrum will be bottom dwellers if this guy continues to put his playets in no win situatioits not like ferrum doesn't play Emery every yearns. Where is the creativity, game planning, adjustments. The Ferrum offense has Gilbert, Reynolds, and several dynamic game breaking offensive
    players and they are not being used properly or enough. On the defensive side of the ball I have no idea what the game plan was. Emory continues to shread our pass and run defense, seems the defense has no answer to stop Emory air attack, giving up 50 points to start the sesson to a team that Ferrum plays annualy and with no major upgrades to Emory offense it seems something is missing on the defensive side of the ball. Ferrum constantly gave up 3rd down conversions at an alarming rate and just seems flat out dumbfounded when it comes to stopping any air attack or rushing attack for that matter. If things don't change and change quickly I foresee a long, ugly, losing season and an angry Ferrum fanbase calling for major overhaul to both sides of the ball.

  5. A couple of things here. 1st off to criticize the blogger here is ridiculous! It is the FERRUM FOOTBALL REPORT, so to criticize for being "homie" is silly. Honestly I believe there is a fair amount of balance. It's not like he picks Ferrum to win every game. 2nd It's no surprise and hasnt been for a while that Ferrum has trouble with the pass. But what DIII school doesn't? If you have an offensive line that can block and a quaterback that can throw, you are going to have success at the DIII level. In year's past, Ferrum has just been able to "out gun" opponents and I think the fact that the offense did NOTHING is my biggest concern going forward. You just hope...that Reynolds isn't going to be "too good" to play hard because of all the recognition in the offseason and preseason. He is an awesome talent and I truely believe things will come together and the Panthers will be fine.

  6. And another quick point...there were at least 4 if not 5 guys on that defense who were playing in their first college football game ever (including scrimmages). Again there is no good excuse for not being prepared, but that's at least another one.

  7. "Shocked & Disappointed"
    There are players on the sidelines NOT being utilized who are skilled and capable.
    No adjustments were made defensively.
    It's unacceptable to have TALENT wasted on the sidelines especially when you prefer to play "first year" players!!!!