Saturday, October 19, 2013

GAMEDAY: One Game at a Time Panthers

With Averett rolling into Adams Stadium, Ferrum must secure a second conference win. A win today will allow Ferrum to stay in contention, while other teams will all but be eliminated from the conference race. To even suggest that Ferrum can win the conference, goes against my pre-season prediction of their fourth place finish. In the overall picture, it will be one difficult task for Ferrum to make the NCAA playoffs, but all they can do is focus on the task at hand and let the rest of the games play out. It is realistic that Ferrum can (and should) beat Averett. It is also possible that Ferrum  will benefit from an upset or two in the conference.

In Newport News, CNU hosts Maryville. A win by the Captains will help Ferrum, and a loss to LaGrange by Huntingdon would also be a help, but in the long run, Ferrum cannot, or the rest of the season if they want a chance to win the USA South. The Panthers can only control what happens to them, but any help they receive along the way will be welcome.

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