Monday, October 28, 2013

Long Day on Rocky Top

Ferrum's trip to Maryville Tennessee did not go as hoped, but I am not all that shocked. Maryville is a very strong team, and Ferrum was, in the long run, not able to keep pace. As I was unable to follow the game live, I have to base this post on statistics, and what I have read. It looks to me that Ferrum put up a strongfight, especially in the first half, but were slowly worn down as the game went on. Maryville employed a balanced attack of running and passing, to account for over 500 yards of total offense. In the end the Scots prevailed 53-14.

Now as there are only 3 games left, Ferrum is essentially out of the conference running. Mathematically, they are still in it, and it is true that they were co champions last year with two losses, but things are much different this year. Maryville looks to be the odds on favorite to win the title. Methodist, and LaGrange may still try to have something to say about that, but one more win for Maryville, or one more loss for Ferrum puts the title out of reach for the Panthers. It is too early for speculation on what went wrong, or what changes need to be made,. What is important is that Ferrum finish strong, and let these Seniors go out under the best possible circumstances.

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