Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ferrum Falls to North Carolina Wesleyan
Difficult Season Continues

At the beginning of the season, I predicted that Ferrum would finish fourth, and would have a record of 7-3. Better not quit my day job! ( I also predicted that NCW would go 0-10...ugh) After the defeat at the hands of NCW, Ferrum is assured of a less than .500 season, and will have a difficult time putting another notch in the win column this season. The Bishops soundly defeated the Panthers yesterday 33-16, but were leading at one time 33-0.
The train seems to have left the track for Ferrum, and with LaGrange and CNU left to close out the season, It is hard to imagine that things will get much better this year. As for yesterday, its appears that the offense and the defense both struggled. I again was not in a position to watch the game, but it seems that North Carolina Wesleyan was well prepared for the game, and Ferrum was just not effective.

I am disappointed that overall, Ferrum is not the contender I hoped they would be. I am hoping for a good turnout at the game the next two Saturdays. I would mean a lot to get a win, and a good crowd can help this.

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