Sunday, November 10, 2013

Looking Ahead

While there are many that believe that Ferrum's season is a wash, I do not count myself among those. Ferrum has a chance to do something this weekend that has not been done since November 15th, 2003....defeat Christopher Newport. Why do I think it is even remotely possible that Ferrum can win? Because no one else does....especially Christopher Newport. Ferrum has lost for nine consecutive seasons to the Captains, and while there have been blow outs, there have also been games that were close. The average margin of victory has been 16.7 points for the Captains, with that including games as close as three points, and blowouts by 48. This year, for the first time in a while, neither team is in playoff contention. The conference playoff spot has already been wrapped up by Maryville. This game next week is all about pride...and for Ferrum, ending a skid that has gone on too long.

Yesterdays game against LaGrange showed me a team that played an inspired brand of football. They did not give up and were in the game until the end. While CNU is no slouch, they are not having the year that everyone thought they would have. Granted they started off strong, defeating Hampden-Sydney, and Salisbury, and gaining a national ranking early in the season, but they are not the winning machine that it looked like they might be early in the season.

For Ferrum to win they must first believe that they can win. There are plenty out there who don't give them much of a chance at all. It will not be easy, but another effort like yesterday may just give the Ferrum fans something to scream about, and the Seniors a memory that will last a lifetime.

Go Panthers!

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