Thursday, June 5, 2014

What Exactly are the Pieces of the Puzzle?

In the last article, I referred to pieces of the puzzle as they apply building a winning football program. The question has come up, just what are these pieces of the puzzle?
This list could vary from person to person. There is no set answer, but I will list what, in my mind would be very important elements in building a winning program.

In no particular order-

Quality Coaching Staff
Institutional Support
Community Support
Sports Marketing
Sports Medicine Staff
Strength Speed and Conditioning Dept.
Quality Recruiting Program
Alumni Interaction and Engagement

While these are what I see as very important aspects of what it takes to build a winner, there are other factors that can directly affect attracting the best recruits.

Affordability of Tuition
Off Campus Amenities
Academic Offerings
Academic Reputation
Campus Aesthetics and Amenities

I am not intending to give a grade here for each area listed. That is not necessary. I will say that huge strides have been made in many of the areas listed. Ferrum is moving in the right direction in many areas, and dividends are paying off. The overall success of athletics at Ferrum is very good. Baseball, Softball, Women's Basketball, Wrestling, Women's Lacrosse, and Men's Soccer all posted winning records. Look for this to continue, and I fully expect football will be on this list again soon.

Did I miss something? Tell me your pieces of the puzzle that may be different than mine. Use the comment link at the bottom of the article.

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