Monday, August 11, 2014

Fall Camp Starts Saturday
Are You Ready?

In the last few seasons, from where I sit it seems that Ferrum has needed some time to get it's engine warmed up. It's been as if those three non conference games have served as a chance to blow all of the dust off, and re-acclimate to playing football. To a certain extent, this is not surprising. and this year will likely be much the same. With a host of freshmen coming in, the fall camp will be their introduction to Ferrum football. It is not the freshmen that I am concerned about ....not all that much anyhow. It is the returning players that have to be prepared to pick up where they left off if they want to contend for a conference title. There must be a laser focus on the part of the returners if Ferrum is to come out of the gate strong...and you must come out of the gate strong.
This year is different. This year, you do not have the luxery of 3 non conference games. You will only play two non conference opponents, and will play eight conference games, not seven.
This year you open against what may be a weaker Emory and Henry team.., if the ODAC coaches poll is to be believed, They are predicted to finish eighth. Personally, I doubt they will be a lot different, so it is you that has to be different. You cannot afford to use the non conference games as a warm up, you must look at these games as must wins. This game against Emory and Henry will set the tone. It is not the end of the season if you lose, but what a boost a win will bring.
Ferrum has not won an opening game since 2005, and this is one streak that needs to be ended. Put down the cell phone, and pick up the black hat. Strap it on tight, and prepare yourself for success. Tune up is fall camp. On September 6th, it's on!

Are you ready?


  1. Lets hope for Good Ole FC that they actually game plan to win this season instead of trying to get rep time for all their kids they bring to camp this year!!! If FC can make changes they might be able to do something this year!!!

    1. Man I do agree that with changes Ferrum can do some damage, but I have always wondered why can't Ferrum be competitive or in it through out the entire season?? It seems that it has been a while since FC has been good for a entire season and it would be nice to see it happen soon!! Any thoughts Allan?? I do like your site for the online audio show!!