Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bye Week- A Chance to Re-Group

This may be a really good time for a bye week. After last Saturday, this open date will give the players and the coaches a chance to re- evaluate all aspects of the game, and make positive changes. One game does not a season make, and Ferrum is ok. They have some work to do, but they are not in trouble. Of course some of you loyal readers will completely disagree with me, but Ferrum is not in trouble. Do I see them contending for the conference is possible. If they can get a win next Saturday against Shenandoah, it will re shape things. I say this as I have now had the chance to watch the video of the game from last week, and frankly, there were a lot of bright spots. Ferrum's defense was much improved over what I had seen from the last few years. I have come to some conclusions about that game.

The E&H quarterback, a DI transfer from Appalachian State is a very talented athlete. He made two, major league throws for touchdowns, under what I would call very good coverage.

Ferrum's defense was overall vastly better, and several freshmen had very solid games. Rashad Johnson, freshman from Manasses VA, led the Panthers with 14 tackles. Next were Freshmen Al Mathews, Shy Smith, and Senior Jatavious Adams each with 10 tackles. Next was another freshman, Montel Lee with 7 tackles.

I think Ferrum's defense had difficulty with the pace of the Wasps hurry up offense, but I am doubtful they will face that style all that often this season....not to that degree. This was right out of the Chip Kelly playbook, and it is something that I think caused problems for Ferrum, both in adjusting to it, and causing fatigue.

I was very pleased with the kickoff/punt return efforts....while there were no touchdowns, Ferrum had better starting field position, and one really nice return by Harvey Taylor. This was a needed improvement from last year. This will get better.

With less than 2 mins. left in the first half, Ferrum trailed by 4 points. A penalty against Ferrum on a kickoff return damaged the momentum, but the offense looked good as the second half opened.

All in all, Ferrum had solid gains over last year, but the offense must improve. Specifically, the O line has to provide better protection, and get holes opened for the running backs. There is talent in the running back corps, and I think that will show through soon, but that breakthrough will largely depend on the offensive line.

Take this one, learn from it, make necessary adjustments, and move on. Shenandoah awaits.

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