Friday, September 5, 2014

Emory & Henry @ Ferrum

In 2008, after the Emory and Henry game, I started this blog. It was born from frustration, after listening to a game on the internet that I thought Ferrum had a chance to win, but came up short. The final that day was E&H 26, Ferrum 21. It featured a strong come back by Ferrum, that in the end was not enough.
This Saturday will mark the 30th meeting between the schools in football, and it has been a while since Ferrum has beaten the Wasps. 2005, was the last win for Ferrum over E&H. That day Ferrum won 29-13. That was the third of three wins in a row over the regional rival.

So what about this weekend? Ferrum comes into this game with some solid,  experienced players on both sides of the ball, and some very capable recruits, that I think will see a good amount of playing time.

Led by Tim Reynolds on offense, look for Ferrum to be successful moving the ball. The backfield will have Reynolds and Dominique Lesine who will both provide plenty of speed, but also look for Jaquan Martin to get some playing time. This freshman will likely see some action, and could be a boost to the offense. Through the air, WR Matthew Kennell will be a favorite target of Reynolds, as well as tight end Marzai Terrell.

On defense, Ferrum welcomes back Jatavious Adams at linebacker. I look for the linebacker corps to be strong, and could also be supplemented by a freshman Dorian Gonzalez. He should get some playing time. Adams will bring strong experience back to this group. Also look for the defensive backs to have Tarrell Owens back at Safety, along with Senior DB Anthony Orton.

Ferrum will face a young Emory and Henry squad under a new head coach, that has been picked to finish last in the ODAC. Do not let this fool you. This team will bring their "A" game, and try to keep the win streak alive for the Wasps. They will have a strong linebacker corps featuring all returning starters. Beyond that there are a couple of returning starters on both sides of the ball, but this is a young team.

If Ferrum can gel early, they may get back in the win column against this team. This is an important game, and although it is non conference, A win will provide a huge spark to a team trying to get itself back on track. Look for a close game, that could come down to the wire.

Ferrum 24
E&H    21

The rest of the conference-

Southern Virginia @ Methodist
Washington and Lee @ Averett
Berry @ Maryville
Huntingdon @ Louisiana College
Salisbury @ CNU
Stevenson @ NCW
Greensboro @ Guilford
LaGrange @ Birmingham Southern


  1. So I see you picked good ole FC to win today's game!! Well homer while I do commend you on your FC bias and believing is hope for a team that still can't get the job done they meaning good ole FC will appreciate all the love they get.

    FC gets another wake up call and it doesn't end good for them!!

    FC: 14
    E&H: 35

  2. I am not sure what it is you see that leads you to believe Ferrum will lose....Not saying you are wrong....they may indeed lose, but what specifically is it that leads you to think this? I am not sure if you want them to win....I think you would like to see them succeed, but there seems to be some sort of satisfaction you get in "knowing" they will lose, and "knowing" why they will lose. Enlighten me...What specifically do you believe is the reason, or reasons for them not reaching their potential?

  3. How about having to over recruit to get numbers up at the FC to keep the money flowing!! Or having the same coaching style for years meaning having an outdated QB coach offense that runs the same plays and makes the same excuses!!! Look I want good ole FC to win like they did the last year I was there which was 2005 in which we started 9-0 beating the shit out of teams and while the defense sucked then we had an offense that scored and a team that didn't make excuses. Since then all I have seen is an FC team that think they are intitled to everything and demand respect from others which good ole FC has done what since then??? So tell me how FC can do what they do and win with what???? Excuses and lies might be able to cash a pay check at good ole FC but it doesn't make them win on the football field and like I said before look that their schedule murder row is here and it starts today!!!!!

  4. I would think that any college would want large recruiting numbers to increase the pool of increase the odds of success. The students know the cost of Ferrum, and it's their decision if they want to attend there. Sure it is a by product that Ferrum will increase its revenue with more football players, but that can be said for every student that attends. Look at the numbers, and the number of players in a D3 college fall football camp are about the same as where Ferrum starts out. You have to do what it takes to get as much talent as is available. There is a new OC, and he will be running the show this season....I am pretty sure the O was more dependant on Harper last year. I saw a couple of games in 2005. That year really got me excited about Ferrum football all over again. Unfortunatly, I saw the CNU game, and the Wesley game.

    What about Ferrum makes you think they believe they are entitled? Was it their 2-8 record last year? I am not sure what you mean. Excuses and lies? What specifically are you talking about. Yes its a tough schedule, I just hope they get the win today.

  5. Allen, I have comented here over the years and have always maintained, bigger isn't better, better is better. FC does have to over recruit to fill the bank account. Unfortunalely, they aren't getting kids of quality, only quantity.