Friday, September 19, 2014

Game Preview: Ferrum @ Shenandoah

After a bye week, I am expecting Ferrum to come out of the gates hungry, and looking to be more consistent on both sides of the ball. Shenandoah comes into the game with a 1-1 record. After a 20-0 shutout win over Galludet of the Eastern Collegiate Football Conference, The Hornets faced off against the Frostburg State Bobcats. FSU and Shenandoah were fairly even statistically, but Shenandoah did out gain FSU by over 100 yards on the ground. In the end, Frostburg took the win, 20-10.

For Ferrum, The offense has the heat on they must find a way to protect the quarterback, and open holes for the running backs. The offensive machine has some strong parts, but every part must work in a synchronized manner for success. We have to put the ball in the end zone.
 As for the defense, Ferrum has, I understand, made some adjustments with the linebacker corps, but I am not aware of the complete details. Hopefully these adjustments will allow for better coverage in the flats, and when needed, allow for pressure on the quarterback.

This game will provide more preparation for the conference schedule. I think a win is possible for Ferrum. Mainly, I think this because they have had an extra week to practice and learn. They have worked to correct issues from week one, and surprisingly, I believe Emory and Henry is a better football team than I, or anyone thought. After coming from behind to beat Maryville on the road,
it became clear that the Wasps are no last place team. Ferrum's performance  in week one may have been judged too harshly. No matter, the Panthers have to improve this week.
Look for the improvement, but also, look Shenandoah to try to establish their offense through their running game. Watching their game against Frostburg, their offense seemed simple...They will run off tackle a lot of the time. Just good old fashioned hard nosed football. They will incorporate some mis-direction from time to time, and when they pass, it seems like they mainly throw short, safe passes. Short sideline patterns, and screens.
Overall, I think this will likely be a very even match up. If Ferrum can clog the middle, and deal with the screens successfully, I think they can win. Watch for Ferrum to have a kick or punt return for a score.....maybe not this game, but soon.....maybe it will be this game.

My prediction:

Ferrum 24
SU        21

The rest of the conference......

CNU @ NCW....(Game was played Thursday, before  I posted this article) While I would have picked CNU, I have to count this one as wrong.  In case you missed it CNU came from behind to win 31-28.

LaGrange @ Greensboro

Maryville @ Averett

Huntingdon @ Methodist

Last week, I went  6-2, missing the North Carolina Wesleyan win over Lincoln, and missing Emory and Henry over Maryville. I am, in a way, surprised at what NCW is doing. They are just 1-2, but they beat Lincoln (PA) 20-0, and took CNU deep into the 4th quarter before falling by 3 points. They are an up and coming team.

Next week, Ferrum gets to host the Bishops. Should be a good game.

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  1. Well Homer I see that once again FC is suppose to just hop on a charter bus eat at a buffet place and then make that long walk up to the stadium and just win and get pizza's afterwards and having smiling faces all the way back to Ferrum??? While I do commend your thoughtful thinking sadly I don't see good ole FC winning this game. Lets be real Allan, FC has the power of getting coaches that are either over the hill or don't have any business being in the roll they are in. look at Bache he was a O-Line coach and now a OC!!! Your kidding right???? and that Coach E that you hyped up like the second coming of you fill in that blank!!! Really I mean your telling us that FC has changed so much and it takes 2 weeks to get ready for one game?? So how about the rest of the games because good ole FC doesn't get two weeks and for Alumni and financial backers patience is getting thin I mean very thin and for what I see FC doesn't measure up!!!

    FC: 18
    SU: 35

    Sorry Homer FC's season continues to be what the norm is for them which is a complete disaster. Shout to Joe who called you show and you do have a nice audio show for a homer!!!!