Sunday, September 28, 2014

To Answer Your Question....

On today's call in show, Joe from Rocky Mount asked why Tim Reynolds is not throwing as much as he did last year.....I really had not looked at those numbers, but since he asked, I thought I would check it out.

In comparing the first three games of 2013 to the first three games of this year, Here is how it breaks down.

In the first three games of 2013, Reynolds stats looked like this:

Game 1-   6 of 17    3 int's   53 yards    No TD's

Game 2-   7 of 23     0 int's   86 yards      2 TD's

Game 3-    11 of 24   2 int's   166 yards    1 TD

Total through three games of 2013

24 of 66  5 int's   305 yards  3 TD's

Through 3 games in 2014, Reynolds stats are as follows:

Game 1-     8 of 26  1 int.  114yards  No TD's

Game 2-    13 of 23 2 int's  197 yards  1 TD

Game 3-    8 of 18  0 int's     163 yards  1 TD

Total through the first three games of 2014

29  of 67  3 int's   474 yards   2 TD's

As it turns out, Reynolds has thrown 1 more pass than he had through three games last year.  While he has thrown for 1 less touchdown so far, he has thrown for 169 more yards. His completion percentage for the first three games of 2014 is 43%. In the same time period of 2013, Reynolds completion percentage was 36%. He has also thrown 2 less interceptions this year.

Thanks for the call Joe!


  1. So With Bache being his OC for the past 2 seasons his throwing is terrible but when Ralph was here before he went to RPI he was able to get down the field!!! So something tells you that its more than just the play calling comes into questing here!!!

    Thanks for answering Joe's question and the radio show was great keep getting these good questions from this caller Joe it seems that he knows what is going on!!!!

  2. Your answer to Joe's question does not explain why Reynolds hasn't thrown the ball like he did a few seasons ago!!! Does it have to do with the hiring of the New OC Chris Bache who profile shows him before taking the FC job a O-Line Coach!!! Any thoughts????


    1. There could be many reasons. Defenses are more familiar with him, and his ability. The receivers are different than two years ago, the oc is different. I don't think the basic offensive formation has changed, but I have no compared the numbers from two years ago to take year.