Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ferrum drops to 0-5 in Mud Bowl

In a game that most would have thought would have been a blow out, Ferrum held their own most of the day but fell to Maryville, 23-13. Conditions were not good, but I have to say that Ferrum's offensive production is sadly lacking. They again seem to be able to move the ball between the 30's, but, as the field gets shorter, the Panthers offense seems befuddled.

This too was a game Ferrum could have won.  I have to say that Maryville is a good team, but not as overwhelming as I predicted they would be earlier this season. I will post more as I review the stats, but all in all, Ferrum is improving in areas, but must get the offense to be more productive. Many suggestions come in via blog readers, and overwhelmingly there is a suggestion to go away from the spread option look. I am wondering what offensive plan you think would work better....Here is a list of typical offenses.

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  1. How about bringing Ralph the OC that left for RPI!!! He did wonders with the offense and won games!!!! As for a type of offensive how about some Wing-T!!!!

  2. Ferrum needs a new everything starting with coaching staff including new difensive coach aswell.How do you aspect the players to conduct themselves in a postive manner when when the great coach E is on the side line sending the f bomb out like its ok. The head coach must be ok with it because its been happening all season ,or maybe not coach enough to say something .Well Happer your contract is open this year and the out of control coach E is just waiting so i think its time you take your team back or whats left of itand make a good run at whats left .Start putting some anger and passion in your players because the field of freshmen you have this year are going to be field of sophmores next year . Some one needs to give these kidds some heart.Stop letting your new defence coach take it from them on the sideline .

  3. I see that there was a special teams blunder once again!!!!! You would think that with harper in charge of special teams bad punting and blunders like today wouldn't happen!!! Then again this is ferrum we are talking about!!!! As for the offensive question how about trying the pistol it can't hurt!!!!!!

  4. Let's not all forget that there were TWO dropped touchdown passes in the end zone Saturday. TWO DROPPED. That would have been touchdowns instead of field goals and my math would make that 21-20 Ferrum. Now, that being said, it is not an excuse for 0-5, but every call and every bad break has gone against Ferrum this year. Two horrible penalties on illegal blocks at CNU and Kennell's rump landing in the endzone before his feat hitting out of bounds to end the NC Wes. game. Very easiely could be sitting at 2-3 if not 3-2. Ferrum took the opening kickoff of the game Saturday right down the field and scored. Then it started raining more and the field got nasty and sloppy. Maryville had the back and the offense that could go immediately North and South and not depend on cuts and options. That was the difference in the running game from where I was sitting at WB ADAMS STADUIM at the game. Not to mention Maryville came in only giving up 96 yards on the ground per game. Again losing is losing and I can't stand to see the Panthers at 0-5 and yes there are changes that need to take place, but I totally disagree with those who think David Harper is one of them. That man bleeds black and gold and he loves and cares about these young men who come to Ferrum to play football and he is a daggone good football coach! Get off the bad mouthing band waggon, drag your selves out to a game and support this team. None of us like to see the guys keep losing, but some support could go a long way. This roster is littered with outstanding Freshmen - 5 of the top 6 tacklers on defense are freshmen. you have young talent in the backfield at the running back positions - a boost of the offensive line and this team has a completely different look! I really believe this team is heading in the right direction and are improving every week! GO PANTHERS

  5. Very nice and accurate comments. I concur that this team is heading in the right direction.

    1. I concur that Ron Adams and averett will beat FC on Saturday!!!