Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ferrum Still in the Mix
Panthers Have Many Tools Necessary To Win

As we go into the fifth game of the season, Ferrum's record may cause many to throw their hands up as if it's already over.....I don't think so. Ferrum is just 0-2 in the conference. I am of the opinion that the Panthers, with a win this weekend, can get right back in the conference chase. Granted, they are not playing a pushover by any means, but if they can beat Maryville, which already has two losses, and if CNU, who travels to Huntingdon AL, loses, then there will be a little better footing for Ferrum.

Here are the standings as of now:

Chris. Newport 3-0 1.000
3-2 0.600 3-2 Won 3
Huntingdon 2-1 0.667
3-2 0.600 3-2 Won 2
Maryville (Tenn.) 2-1 0.667
3-2 0.600 3-2 Won 1
N.C. Wesleyan 2-1 0.667
3-2 0.600 3-2 Won 2
Methodist 1-1 0.500
2-2 0.500 2-2 Lost 1
Greensboro 1-1 0.500
1-3 0.250 1-3 Lost 1
LaGrange 1-2 0.333
3-2 0.600 3-2 Lost 1
Ferrum 0-2 0.000
0-4 0.000 0-4 Lost 4
Averett 0-3 0.000
1-4 0.200 1-4 Lost 4

Ok, I am not saying it will be easy, nor am I willing to place money that Ferrum can win the conference, but I think the Panthers are a better team than their record indicates, and I also believe that Ferrum could be taken lightly by anyone they play. I said back when I posted my predictions, that I thought Maryville would repeat as conference champions. The coaches poll said the same., indicated that CNU would win the conference, but right now, I would say Huntingdon has the inside track.
It will take Ferrum to win out, and get a lot of help, but, it is possible. To me Ferrum is a team that is improving every week. They have what it takes to win some of the games on their schedule, and I think what it takes to be in all of them.
 I have to say, Ferrum has surprised me with the effort in the last two games. They have to make the decision to win. Not the decision to want to win, but they, as a team have to decide that they are going to win Saturday.                                                            

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  1. Well Allan, I do agree that good ole FC might be able to turn the tide of losing into a winner, but that road for now is still full of pot holes and FC has 2 hard teams to go until there is light at the end of the tunnel!!! I do agree that if FC can reproduce the effort of the CNU Game yes FC can make noise but I think that sadly for FC the players might have that thought of a lost season!!! FC in my eyes are not a threat for the title but can do damage to teams IF I mean IF they show up!!!!!! Good luck to them because Maryville and Huntington is waiting for them and don't sleep on that averett because Ron Adams might have some tricks in his bag to beat good ole FC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!