Sunday, October 26, 2014

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

While there was a good amount of emphasis on the defense in the last two posts, It is only fair, and absolutely appropriate, that we not look past the offense in last night's win.
Tim Reynolds did something last night that he has done before, but it is not considered automatic. Reynolds ran and passed for more than 100 yards. He had 105 yards rushing on 17 carries with 2 touchdowns, and he completed 9 passes for 127 yards and one touchdown.
Besides Reynolds, Harvey Taylor had 61 yards on the ground, and Troy Helton ended the night with 48 yards. Freshman Jacquan Martin contributed 38 rushing yards. This was a personal best for Martin.
The 26 points Ferrum scored, represents the second highest amount of points scored this year. This was a well played game by the offense, and shows that they are showing what they can do in a game. Great job O!!!


  1. Man Allan, you do know that FC just beat Averett right!! Another bottom feeder!!! I guess you and the FC Crew would get hyped up over anything right??? Well either way a shout out to FC because the players deserves more than what went on this season, but you still have 3 games left and from where I sit I see no more than 1 more win!!!!

    Any Thoughts?????

    Thanks Allan

    1. Well well I really wish FC would quit living in the past and live for the now and future even some of the players are tired of what happened then, it's great to have tradition and great to have past heroes but that's what they are past you don't live by them today. I mean we have lights on the practice field not the game field because a retired coach thinks football should be played in the daytime let's get with the 21st century FC

    2. There are plans to add lights, and likely artificial turf. This was told to me by a VP of the college.

  2. One week at a time....
    Greensboro is next, and that will not be easy. Ferrum is improving and that is important. Much better since the Emory and Henry game. All phases of the team have areas they can improve, but I will take the win from last night....bottom feeder or not.
    If Ferrum can retain the talent that they have, and have a good recruiting campaign, They will continue to get better.