Monday, November 3, 2014

In Defense of Ferrum

On a defensive team that has anywhere from 5-7 freshmen on the field at the same time, Ferrum's defense has really turned things around this season. Currently, the Panthers D is rated as the # 2 team in the conference behind Maryville, and nationally, they rank 138th. This is up from a season low of 234th in the nation after week 3 (Shenandoah) After week 4 (NCW) they went to 224. After week 5 (CNU) they went to 213. Week 6 saw them climb to196 after the Maryville game. Week 7 they played Huntingdon, and they slipped to 203rd in the nation. In the two games since then, the defense has only given up a total of 33 points, and moved into 150th in week 8, and are currently 138th.
From 234th in the nation to 138th.....That does not sound all that impressive until you realize that there are only 242 d3 teams, and Ferrum was ranked 8th from the bottom a short while ago.
Excellent job defense! Keep up the good work.


  1. It must be really bad at Ferrum if this blogger thinks being ranked 138th in defense is something good. What happened to the Black Hats? I guess wins mean nothing. You know your time has passed when your fan base accepts being ranked 138th, do they have a coach? Why no mention of a coaching change? What happened to the promises of turning the program around? What happend to Ferrum football? Where's the originality in offense? (This isnt the 70's) Where is the agression and discipline of the defense? This is an absolute embarrassment for Ferrum fans, alumni and most importantly the current players. If there isnt a major change in a positive direction the few fans that are left will be no more.

  2. The point of the post was to show the progress that the defense has made this season. If you have followed Ferrum in recent years, then you know the defense has not been a strong point.
    Certainly wins mean something, and while this has not been a great year, where wins and losses are concerned, you have to start somewhere, and I see real progress in the defense. No it's not where it needs to be, but it is getting better.
    I dont agree that this is an absolute embarrrassment....It is not a winning season but surely you can try to find something positive to say. I do believe it will get better