Thursday, November 6, 2014

My 500th Post!

I have been writing this often enjoyed, and sometimes maligned blog since 2008. Today, I publish the 500th post. What will it be about? Obviously, it will be about Ferrum football, but not about the past. The past has been covered many times on the blog, and as one reader recently reminded me, the past is history. I could write about the present, and sort of recap the season so far, but I don't think any one's memory is so bad that it is necessary to do a recap just yet. So that leaves the future. What is the future of Ferrum football?

It is difficult for a fan to get excited about a program that is going through tough times. There are usually more criticisms than compliments, and those are sometimes difficult to deal with. One such criticism I hear is that the coaches need to go. I hear that we are running a tired offensive game plan, and that we need to change things up. I hear concerns about the fan base and that there is no one but parents and a few students at the games. I hear these and many other, sometimes far less flattering things, about the program.
Yes this has been a tough year, but I do think the future is bright. I am not saying that some changes do not need to be made, but I think there have been great strides. Look at the defensive resurgence this year. This will only improve. I expect that as we finish the season, you will see the offense start to get better. I do believe Ferrum will win one of their next two game, if not both. I think the future is bright for further facility enhancement as I expect that in the near future artificial field turf, and lights will be added.

I stand solidly behind Coach Harper and believe that the program will turn around. But what is good? What is good enough for the average Ferrum fan? Does it start by beating Emory and Henry? That would be nice, but I think more importantly, that Ferrum needs to come out of the gate a winner in their first game of the season, no matter who it is against. To be successful, does Ferrum need to post at least a 500 record? To be successful, do the Panthers need to win the conference? Do they need to win a playoff game? Do they need to win another national championship? What does it take for the average Ferrum fan to see the team as successful?
I 2005, I went to the CNU at Ferrum game, and the home stands were probably less than half full. Ferrum was 9-0 at the time. I wish the local residents would get behind the team in greater numbers. They say that winning will bring a crowd, but sometimes, the crowd can influence winning.

I do not have the answers, I am a fan, and I support the team the coaches, and the administration in their efforts to field a winning team. My feeling is that it will happen. It is really amazing just how close Ferrum is to being a .500 team. Could have beaten North Carolina Wesleyan, could have beaten CNU, could have beaten Greensboro, Could have beaten Maryville. That would give us 5 wins. The average margin of defeat of those four games is 4.5 points. Those games were winnable, and I do think that while there were some games that Ferrum was never in, those four were potential wins. I know, no matter how I spin it, they were losses, and some of you out there are only concerned about the losses.....note the improvement, and be patient, it will get better.

Thanks for reading the blog. I appreciate it. Here is to 500 more.posts!

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